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It is as important to a business to have insurance as it is to a homeowner.  There are policies available that are specifically designed to cover small businesses that, in one package, will cover most of your insurance needs.

The following are some of the risks that should be protected by insurance:

Business Property Insurance

Business property insurance coverage will protect you from a wide variety of losses. Your insurance should include:

  • Buildings: Coverage would be required here if you own the building. In the event you lease premises, business personal property is available.
  • Business personal property includes your tables, desks, chairs and equipment.  Also, you will want to include improvements you might make to leased premises.  An example would be a room divider you add, or a display case, or a custom built counter that forms part of reception area for your clients.
  • Loss of income
  • Earthquake
  • Flood

An all-risk policy can be arranged to cover all of your equipment, including computer hardware and software, plus your valuable records.  A properly written policy will include loss of income that might result from breakdowns, as well as loss of income from other hazards that would temporarily close down your business.

Liability Insurance

A Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) policy is designed to provide coverage to third parties for the following:
  • General Liability for your premises.  The best illustration is the common "tripping over the torn carpet, resulting in an injury" loss.
  • Personal and Advertising Injury
  • Fire Legal Liability, which is often mandatory if you lease your premises.  This protects you in the event your negligence results in damage or loss to your landlord's property.  For example: you mistakenly leave a small electric space heater running and go home for the evening. During the night, the heater shorts and starts a fire, resulting in fire and smoke damage to your landlord's building.  In this case, the negligent act of leaving the space heater on caused the loss.  This is where Fire Legal Liability protects your investment.
  • Products and Completed Operations
  • Medical Expense or Medical Payments

On occasion, some policies will exclude Products and Completed Operations and/or Personal Injury and Advertising Coverage depending on the services your business provides.  In these instances, a Professional Liability, Malpractice, or Errors and Omissions Policy might be available for your type of operation that will cover the errors and omissions that might result in suits against your company.  This is particularly true of professions that are held to a higher degree of care or standard, for example, attorneys, engineering consultants, insurance agents, realtors, doctors and dentists.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Workers' compensation insurance is mandatory for your employees. It provides coverage if they get injured "on the job".

The Mucci Insurance Agency has the experience to analyze and recommend the best and most appropriate business property and business liability coverage for your large or small business in Queens County.  Protect your assets and business with quality business insurance.

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